Saturday, November 18, 2006

"The Escort" review

The Escort (1997)
AKA Black Widow Escort

Directed by Gary Graver
Writing credits Sean O'Bannon

Shauna O'Brien .... Suzanne Lane
Landon Hall .... Debra Gray
Scott Coppola .... Shane Gray

I bought this video for three bucks. You can learn a lot about the plot of "The Escort" by reading the back of the video box. The only problem is that whoever wrote the description on the back of the box probably hasn't seen this movie. It describes Landon Hall's character Debra as "runs her own successful business: a high class, above board escort service." Actually, she doesn't. She was in publishing. It also goes on to describe how she met Shauna O'Brien by saying; "she interviews a new escort…and hires her on the spot." This is also incorrect. Landon does interview Shauna to be a house mate for her and her husband but not to be an escort. I think you can clearly see how important the plot was to the filmmakers of "The Escort". It was so important that they forgot about it by the time they had to explain it on the back of the video box.

Anyway, for those who care, here's the story. Shauna O'Brien is an escort who moves in with Landon Hall and her husband. She has diabolical plans for Landon: Revenge, blackmail, murder etc. But before any of those plans can be hatched, there has to be a lot of sex. O'Brien escorts a few men into the bedroom for some nice O'Brien escort action. Landon Hall also gets a sex scene with her husband on the couch. It all leads to a startling revelation at the end as O'Brien has had her sights set on Hall for quite some time…

"The Escort" is a fair sex thriller. If you can ignore the plot, as the filmmakers did, you'll probably enjoy it for was it is. O'Brien plays up her usual bad girl role and makes the most of it. All of her sex scenes are good, especially the hot tub scene. Landon Hall's one sex scene with her husband was pretty hot as well. She has a very interesting look to her that I think I like. During her sex scene, she reveals pierced nipples which I know I like.

Even with all of this sex going on, my favorite scene was when O'Brien tried to seduce Landon at the dinner table with some slow kisses. Unfortunately, it didn't lead to anything interesting but at least O'Brien tried to get intimate with Landon Hall. That's all we can ask.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Shauna escorts


Anonymous said...

HOT movie!

Dr. Gore ( said...

Succintly true. Although I wonder if it's more because of Shauna O'Brien or Landon Hall. Hard to say as they both add their own mix to the hotness.