Friday, November 03, 2006

"The Jackhammer Massacre" review

The Jackhammer Massacre (2004)
AKA Jackhammer

Directed by Joe Castro
Writing credits Daniel Benton Joe Castro

Aaron Gaffey .... Jack
Kyle Yaskin
Bart Burson

When one rents a movie called "The Jackhammer Massacre", it is not unfair to expect certain things. You certainly should expect a Jackhammer and hopefully a Massacre to go with it. I'm pleased to tell you that both of these things are to be found in the B-movie gorefest that is "The Jackhammer Massacre".

A guy becomes addicted to drugs and jackhammers. He ends up in an abandoned building. Victims just keep marching inside the slaughterhouse. That's a good thing for him because his extension cord isn't long enough to reach the street. Soon many people will be jackhammered. Jackhammered mouths. Jackhammered arms. Jackhammered backs. Jackhammered heads. That's a lot of Jackhammer.

So if you're dying to see a buffet of carnage via Jackhammer, rent this movie immediately for pure jackhammer satisfaction. Anyone else who is thinking of renting this and is not a drooling B-movie fan like myself, I advise you to step away from this video and run far, far away.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 for Jackhammer madness

Jackhammer for me, Jackhammer for you, I'll have some Jackhammer...

You have some too.


Anonymous said...

just purchased this movie. i love it, it's my new favorite.

Anonymous said...

You need a life.