Sunday, November 12, 2006

"The Dead Pit" review

The Dead Pit (1989)

Directed by Brett Leonard
Writing credits Gimel Everett Brett Leonard

Jeremy Slate .... Dr. Gerald Swan
Cheryl Lawson .... Jane Doe
Stephen Gregory Foster .... Christian Meyers
Danny Gochnauer .... Dr. Colin Ramzi

I bought this video. A disturbed woman gets thrown into an insane asylum where she belongs. She insists she's not crazy. It's hard to believe her when she spends half her time screaming and wailing at whomever is around. This all becomes meaningless when zombies start charging out of the cellar. They were stashed in the pit. The Dead Pit. They want their asylum back and their head zombie won't take no for an answer.

This was OK. There are a few gory spots once the zombies start chugging along. We get to see brains, delicious brains, and lots of them. The movie doesn't really get going until about the halfway point. The first half of the movie we get to see the heroine cry her eyes out at being declared insane as she's foaming at the mouth. "I didn't lose my memory! It was taken from me!" Hmmmm. Same difference? Look babe, you're a loon. Deal with it.

As zombie flicks go, this was decent. It's worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 brain hungry zombies

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Anonymous said...

I read you review and gave this one a try. Ya, I thought this one was **.r{}*** (fair). I couldn't stand the annoying lead character crying the whole time. It was driving me crazy. They needed to pace the film better as well, more zombies would have been nice. The whole film was really depressing to me due to the lighting, lack of humour, characters moods, evil forces, etc. I just watched "Bill Hinzman's FleshEater" and it has to be the funniest zombie movie ever made! I vote for you to add it to your movie review list....-