Monday, February 27, 2006

"Witchbabe: Erotic Witch Project 3" review

Witchbabe: Erotic Witch Project 3 (2001)

Directed by Terry West
Writing credits Terry West

Laurie Wallace.... Martha Rudolf
Misty Mundae.... Amy
Darian Caine.... Karen
Debbie Rochon.... Nans
Paige Richards.... The Erotic Witch
Barbara Joyce.... Miss Chaste
Ruby Larocca.... Lucy
Julian Wells

I bought this video for two bucks. You know, with some of the Seduction flicks, you could sometimes mistake their movies for a regular B-flick with extra helpings of sex. "Spiderbabe" is a good example. I can assure you that there's no chance of mistaking "Witchbabe" for what it is. This, my friend, is a softcore lesbian porno. For two bucks, it was a good deal.

"Witchbabe" is about women having softcore sex with each other. Anyone who sees the plot of this movie differently was not paying attention. The mayor's blonde wife gets turned on by the black haired Erotic Witch. And there you have it. There's plenty of lesbian sex to keep the viewer happy and some other dialogue scenes that were filmed so that they could be fast forwarded through. "Witchbabe" is good stuff. If you're into girls on film, you'll like it.

Two final thoughts. First, Debbie Rochon is in this one but she doesn't do much. She's pictured on the back of the video box with a handgun. There is no gun in "Witchbabe". There's barely any Rochon. The good news is that she does take her top off at the end. She then proceeds to kind of dance around with Darian Caine but they don't have sex. The Erotic Witch's horny spell was working pretty well on Caine. Did Rochon drink an anti-sex potion to ward off horny spirits? The spell was broken.

Second, I was quite amused at the Julian Wells sex scene. It seemed to be inserted totally at random. Laurie Wallace sits down on a couch with Wells and tells her that she wants her. We have no idea where Wells's house is or how Wallace got there. All we know is that there are two horny blondes on a couch. After the scene is over, Wells disappears from the movie. Wells really likes to squirm around and make all kinds of sounds when she's happy. Man, that couch looked really comfortable.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 witchy women

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