Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Cheerleader Ninjas" review

Cheerleader Ninjas (2002)

Directed by Kevin Campbell

Writing credits Kevin Campbell

Kira Reed.... Fantasy Girl
Angela Brubaker.... Angela
Jeff Nicholson.... Stephen
Renee Deemer.... Heather

My brother and I were at the video store the other day when we ran into "Cheerleader Ninjas". I've had my eye on it for some time now but on this particular night I wanted to rent "Looney Tunes: Back in Action". I was in a Bugs Bunny kind of mood. As I passed "Cheerleader Ninjas" I mentioned to my brother, "We should see this one day." "Done.", he said and yanked it off the shelf. Bugs Bunny would have to wait.

"Cheerleader Ninjas" is hilarious. My brother and I were laughing our heads off. Four cheerleaders square off against four bad Catholic High School girls. The cheerleaders learn some ninja moves to help them in their fight. The sci-fi geeks show up to help the cheerleaders do battle. The geeks drool watching the ninja catfights. I did too.

The geeks were truly the highlight of the movie. They were the funniest thing about "Cheerleader Ninjas". They were all dressed in "Star Trek" costumes and quivered at the sight of real women. The scene where the Catholic girls kept the geeks as prisoners was great. "Computer, stop program." Those goobers had me laughing through the whole movie.

Kira Reed shows up as "Fantasy Girl". She supplies most, if not all, of the abundant nudity. One scene has her reenacting a scene from "American Beauty" and another has her dishing out a little spanking with a girlfriend. She was naked in every scene of course. Kira is my ninja fantasy girl.

"Cheerleader Ninjas" should be seen. It's as cheap and low budget as you would expect and most of the acting is pretty bad but I had a blast watching it. The writer/director really impressed me. He's a funny guy."Cheerleader Ninjas" is good stuff. It has naked breasts, horny geeks, cheerleader ninjas, and bad Catholic High School girls. It was a potent mix.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 fantasy girl ninjas


olivier said...

Yes there is a cople of funny things but all together I think it is a very bad movie , full of cliché and no imagination at all. Just a commercial crap.

Dr. Gore ( said...

But what about Kira Reed? Cheerleader nudity is what good times are made of. And don't forget the geeks. Treadmarks. That's all I'm saying.