Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Sexual Intrigue" review

Sexual Intrigue (2000)

Directed by J. Edie Martin

Writing credits J. Edie Martin

Kim Dawson.... Emma De Layle
Eric Acsell.... Charlie Taylor
Kira Reed.... Randi Davis

Kira Reed needs to get her boyfriend a job. She hooks him up with Kim Dawson. This can only lead to sexual intrigue. The boyfriend is hired by Dawson to pull off a kidnapping so that they can split the ransom. He's also good to have around for sex. In fact, the boyfriend gets sexually intrigued by most of the females in the movie. They're very intriguing. You can't blame him.

"Sexual Intrigue" is a fine skin flick. You just need to ignore the kidnapping angle and concentrate on the sex scenes. That won't be too hard to do with Kira Reed and Kim Dawson having most of the sex. Reed has three sex scenes. The best one has her having sex in the hot tub with her boyfriend. Kim Dawson also has three sex scenes and they're all good. Kim Dawson is always a sight for sore eyes in these movies. You need to have the horny, older woman around to seduce the young, dumb guys. But with Dawson, it doesn't take much seducing effort to get the party started. Both of these women are very sexually intriguing. They make "Sexual Intrigue" worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 intriguing Reeds

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