Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Baberellas" review

Baberellas (2003)

Directed by Chuck Cirino
Writing credits Chuck Cirino Tip McPartland

Chris Porter.... Hydrik Multar
Shauna O'Brien.... Queen Sartanika
Bettie Dewar.... Silk
Julie K. Smith....Anna
Regina Russell.... Renna
Julie Strain.... Coochinota
Zen.... Lovely Lesbian Lover
Zero.... Lovely Lesbian Lover

I bought this DVD. Well, here's some proof that I may be watching too many B grade flicks. "Baberellas" starts off with a song called "Kiss my Galaxy". This was the same annoying song used in "Busty Cops". So how does one kiss a galaxy? More importantly, why hasn't this song been blasted into oblivion?

Anyway, "Baberellas" does have one good thing going for it and that one good thing is Julie Smith. She's wearing corn rows in this adventure, which is not a favorite hairstyle of mine, but it works on her. She and her topless band are being watched by space aliens for some sort of galactic TV show. The Smith band wanders around Southern California and then find their way to the spaceship. More topless adventures follow.

"Baberellas" has one fatal flaw: There is no sex in this "sexy spoof". They couldn't give us one sex scene in this "sexy spoof"? Not one? What's the matter? Was it too sexy for them? Oh sure, there are plenty of topless scenes but no doing the dirty. Smith even said she got turned on when someone touched her breasts. (Homer Simpson voice): "Hello?! Hello Einstein?!"

Overall, "Baberellas" is a disappointment. Julie Smith tried to save the day but failed. The tractor beam from Planet Frigid was too powerful. Crash landing! All B-queens for themselves!

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 electric Smith breasts

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