Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Tomb of the Werewolf" review

Tomb of the Werewolf (2004)

Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Writing credits Fred Olen Ray

Jacinto Molina.... Waldemar Daninsky (as Paul Naschy)
Jay Richardson.... Richard Daninsky
Michelle Bauer.... Elizabeth Bathory
Stephanie Bentley.... Amanda/Eleanor Daninsky
Kennedy Johnston.... Melanie
Jacy Andrews.... Christie
Beverly Lynne.... Leslie

"Tomb of the Werewolf" is about breasts. Naked female breasts. It is not about a Tomb or a Werewolf. There is a wolf man running around but he's just filler until the next breast scene. He just liked to bite into people's necks and then run off. He couldn't run away too fast or else his wolf man beard would have flown off.

So a bunch of hunky men and hot women head to an old castle to look for breasts. It doesn't take them long to find them. Beverly Lynne and some other babes take their shirts off with gleeful abandon. It must be the full moon. It brings out the animal in them. Michelle Bauer is the maid of the castle and keeps everyone zonked out on booze and boobies. She has a thing for hairy monster men. Many breasts must come out to play before the beast can be stopped.

Suffice to say, this is not a horror movie. However, I did enjoy this film simply because I am a die hard Michelle Bauer fan. Seeing the wolf man run around with his fake beard flopping in the wind almost made me die hard. But then again, seeing Michelle Bauer join the party and take her top off made me jump for joy. Her scene with the girl wearing the blindfold was the highlight of the movie.

So once again Michelle Bauer saves another B-movie from total destruction. If you're a Bauer fan, check it out.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 because Bauer still wears the B-queen crown

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