Saturday, February 04, 2006

"My Best Friend's Wife 2" review

My Best Friend's Wife 2 (2005)

Directed by Christopher Murphy

Akira Lane
Allysin Chaynes
Dru Berrymore

I bought this DVD. I needed some more Akira Lane in my life. But really, who doesn’t need more Akira Lane? I’ve seen her in a couple of skin flicks and had to see some more of that busty Asian in action. Asian in action… That just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? How poetic.

Anyway, “My Best Friend’s Wife 2” is the simple tale of what a man will do for his best friend. So this guy has a best friend right? The best friend has a hot wife, (Akira Lane). Hence, “My Best Friend’s Wife”. She needs to be looked after and taken care of while the best friend is away. Do you see the simple genius? Another excuse to look at Akira Lane naked! WOO-HOO! Well, what are friends for?! I’ll be your best friend too! Your VERY best friend. Four sex scenes play out before the best friend makes it with his best friend’s wife. If I’ve ruined the suspense for you, you clearly have not watched a lot of skin flicks.

Here’s the sex scene breakdown. Akira has two sex scenes, one at the beginning and one at the end. They’re both pretty good. Not anything to get overly excited about but pretty solid. Allysin Chaynes has two sex scenes as does Dru Berrymore, including one with each other. But for my money, the best sex scene was between Berrymore and the main guy. They have the world’s shortest date and then do it on his couch. Berrymore knows what she’s doing and she does it very well. Always like to see skin flick performers who aren’t afraid to kiss. I feel all funny when I watch her. Now I need more Berrymore in my life. More Berrymore…Just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 for more Berrymore and busty Akira

and she brings beer too. What a great Best Friend's wife.

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chandrasekar said...

Thank u. do u have any link to download this movie that u have reviewd it.....i'm sleepless to watch it.....