Friday, February 10, 2006

"Secret Desires of A Housewife 2" review

Secret Desires of a Housewife 2 (2005)

Directed by Christopher Murphy

April Hanna
Akira Lane
Mark Maes

First, allow me to praise the DVD cover of "Secret Desires of a Housewife 2". The cover has two women kissing each other with their faces bathed in a blue light. This is effective advertising. It's no secret what the housewife's desire is. I didn't need to know anything more about this movie than what was on the DVD cover. I bought it immediately.

"Secret Desires of a Housewife 2" is a great skin flick. Great! The actual desire of this housewife is to learn how to rock climb so she can hang out with her husband. This leads to a lot of sex. Akira Lane shows up as another rock climbing/sex enthusiast. She has two sex scenes in this one and they are both hot! She's awesome. Her sex scenes alone make this DVD worth getting. There is barely any plot to get in the way here. People talk, they hang out, something about rock climbing is mentioned and then there's a sex scene. The scene with the housewife and her female rock climbing teacher, (the picture from the DVD cover), is top notch.

You can't go wrong with "Secret Desires of a Housewife 2". If you're an Akira Lane fan, you must see this movie.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 secret Akira desires

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