Monday, February 20, 2006

"The Key to Sex" review

The Key to Sex (1998)

Directed by John Quinn
Writing credits Christopher Byrne

Maria Ford.... Christy
Jeannie Millar.... Carrie
Christian Malmin.... Michael
Monique Parent.... Tina
Eric Acsell.... Matt
Jacqueline Lovell.... Ring

A guy gets the key to his boss's house. It's "The Key to Sex". He's told not to let anyone else know where the key is. The key opens the front door to a huge Malibu monstrosity that drives any woman who steps inside mad with desire. I know I've seen this house in other skin flicks. Was it in "Model Lust"? Not sure. One thing is for sure, the key to sex is to bring the hot women to Malibu and party down in this theme park masquerading as a house.

"The Key to Sex" is a fine, fine skin flick. I was very pleased. Many hot women show up in this one. You've got Monique Parent, Jacqueline Lovell, Jeannie Millar and Maria Ford. Monique Parent is the horny distributor who wants to get cozy with some of the film execs. She has two sex scenes, one in the Malibu fun house and another in an office. She also has a long scene where she's dressed as a French maid and plays around with a guy. The French maid thing doesn't work for me but the sex scenes were all right. Lovell shows up as a stripper. She has a couple of scenes where she expounds on how to strip and a couple of other scenes where she has sex after stripping. All of the Lovell scenes were good. Millar is the large breasted secretary who only has one sex scene. I know, I know. I'm just as sad as you.

But the real selling point with this one is Maria Ford. She has three sex scenes and they're all great! I've only seen Ford in normal, run of the mill B-movies. This was the first time I've seen her in a sex flick. My God man. She is hot, hot, hot! Her scene by the pool with her female friend was awesome. She has a tongue like Gene Simmons. That thing can move. Overall, "The Key to Sex" gives you what you want. It's worth a look. If you're a Maria Ford fan, it's worth a couple of looks.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 because Maria Ford is the key

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