Monday, February 27, 2006

"Dark Universe" review

Dark Universe (1993)

Directed by Steve Latshaw

Writing credits Patrick Moran

Joe Estevez.... Rod Kendrick
Blake Pickett.... Kim Masters
Laurie Sherman.... Judy Lawson (as Cherie Scott)

A spaceship crashes in Florida. Apparently the astronaut on board went through a bad batch of the "Dark Universe" and is now a giant alien slug head. A bunch of people head out into the swamp to check it out. Alien kills some of them. Some other stuff happens.

This was a typically lame B sci-fi movie. The only thing that mildly amused me was near the end:


So a woman is hanging out in a grass hut (?) and the alien pops his head in through the wall. We get to watch his alien head squirm around for a good thirty seconds. No other parts of the alien are visible. Just his head. Was he stuck? If he could bash his head in, why couldn't he just worm the rest of his slug body in? I'm guessing he couldn't because there was nothing else to him but his head. The rest of the alien body would have been too expensive to build. While he's stuck, the woman comes up with a plan to kill him using a previously unknown ally prevalent in the swamp environment: Marsh gas. She uses a flare gun to ignite the marsh gas to kill the beast. If marsh gas is flammable, why didn't she go up in flames too? Was it just flammable around the alien's slug head? Was his head dipped in gasoline? Am I thinking about it too much?

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 slug heads


Anonymous said...

That poster looks like it ripped off a better film *koffALIENkoff*.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew aliens existed.