Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Night Shadow" review

Night Shadow (1989)

Directed by Randolph Cohlan

Brenda Vance.... Alex Jung
Kato Kaelin.... Dean Lesher

Terrible. Awful. Retching. Nightmarish. Worst movie ever. I mean ever. I have seen some painful films in my day but this is the king. It still hasn't been dethroned.

The video box had a huge werewolf on the cover. Naturally, I couldn't resist. After my brain aneurysm, I returned it and the video store went out of business the next week. I think the store must have been a mirage just to get some sucker to rent this god awful film.

Supposedly there is a werewolf attacking a town. I don't remember seeing one till the very end. Do silver bullets kill the beast? *SPOILER ON ENDING COMING* No! In the final insult, they run over the flea bitten wolf with their car! Must have had silver hubcaps.


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