Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Scream Queen Hot Tub Party" review

Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991)

Directed by Fred Olen Ray Jim Wynorski
Writing credits Fred Olen Ray Jim Wynorski

Brinke Stevens.... Herself
Monique Gabrielle.... Herself
Kelli Maroney.... Herself
Michelle Bauer.... Herself
Roxanne Kernohan.... Herself

I bought this DVD as a birthday present for my cousin. We both agreed it was a fine film. Actually, I don't think "film" is the right word to use for this one. "Scream Queen Hot Tub Party" is a completely shameless parade of topless scream queens. It is exploitation at its finest. It's worth every penny. Do you like watching topless women hang out in a hot tub? Of course you do! You need to see this one.

Now, if you're expecting some sort of movie with your breasts, you'll be sorely disappointed. The scream queens head to a house with a hot tub. They peel off their pesky clothes and start talking about the finer points of being a scream queen. Each one gets a turn to yak about scream queeness. Brinke Stevens talks about how to take a B-movie shower and demonstrates it for us as well. Michelle Bauer gets frisky with a chainsaw as she waxes poetic about "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers". The other girls get a chance to spin some topless stories as well. So if you want breasts, breasts and more breasts, check this one out and rejoice.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 hot tubs


Anonymous said...

I saw this recently and, amazingly, actually found myself caught up in the plot.

Dr. Gore ( said...

That is amazing. I didn't know there was a plot.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

Thats got to be one of the sexiest posters of all time, those chicks were so incredibly hot i`d like to bugger them all senseless (when they were all 18, not as they are now obviously).

Dr. Gore ( said...

Oh I don't know. Michelle Bauer still looks good to me.