Monday, July 03, 2006

"Zombie 3" review

Zombie 3 (1981)
AKA Notti del terrore, Le AKA Burial Ground AKA a lot of AKA's

Directed by Andrea Bianchi
Writing credits Piero Regnoli

Karin Well.... Janet
Gianluigi Chirizzi.... Mark (as Gian Luigi Chirizzi)
Simone Mattioli.... James
Antonella Antinori.... Leslie
Roberto Caporali.... George

Three couples and a freaky looking kid/short man (?)end up at a mansion. They are there to meet a professor for some reason. Unfortunately, he won't be joining in the festivities. He died horribly when he let loose a lot of zombies from a crypt. Now the zombies are out and want to crash the party. The rest of the movie has the couples running for their lives from very slow moving zombies.

"Zombie 3" AKA "Burial Ground" is a fine zombie film. Everything you could want from a zombie flick is here. Slow moving zombies are the best. A rotting corpse should lumber along at turtle speed instead of sprinting after people like a cheetah. Once the zombies get their hands on the people, there are plenty of gory moments. The best is at the end with the kid/short man and his mother.


The "kid" has always had a thing for his mom. He dies but comes back as a zombie. He's ready to show his love for mommy and mom is ready to oblige. In a room surrounded by zombie chaos, mom pulls down her shirt and lets her son suck on her nipple! I think you can guess what happens next. Zombie son likes her breasts so much he decides to take the whole thing. See Zombie boy rip off his mom's nipple! Pure zombie sleaze! This is the scene that will stick with you long after you have forgotten the rest of the movie.


If you're a zombie movie fan, "Zombie 3" AKA "Burial Ground" is a must see. It's gory, sleazy and lots of fun. I enjoyed myself.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 freaky kid zombies

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