Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Scarecrow Gone Wild" review

Scarecrow Gone Wild (2004)

Directed by Brian Katkin
Writing credits Brian Katkin

Ken Shamrock.... Coach Ramsey
Matthew Linhardt.... Jack
Samantha Aisling.... Beth
Caleb Roehrig.... Sam

"Scarecrow Gone Wild". What insane B-movie fan could resist a title like that? I haven't seen the other two Scarecrow movies but when I saw the Scarecrow hanging out by the beach, I knew it was time to party. I envisioned the Scarecrow with a hand-held camera filming topless college girls sunbathing. Then the Scarecrow would hang out with a bunch of frat boys chugging a keg of beer. Chug! Chug! Chug!

Well, "Scarecrow Gone Wild" goes about as wild as a movie with a $500 budget can go. The baseball team decides to do a little hazing on the new kids. This leads to death and Scarecrow rejuvenation. The gang heads to the beach to forget their troubles. It must have been a private beach because there was no one else around for miles. Soon the Scarecrow will bust up the party and get wild on these melodramatic, whining, screaming idiots.

"Scarecrow Gone Wild" has some good points. I counted three naked breast scenes. Those are always good. You can't go wrong with topless women. Never. Impossible. Cheapest, (and best), special effect you can buy. There were also some good death scenes. The guy playing the guitar had a hilarious death as did the woman who came between the Scarecrow and his pick-up truck.

But the movie started to drag me down with its nonstop drama. Hints, accusations, betrayal, lies, regret. These are all emotions that shouldn't be anywhere near a maniacal Scarecrow movie. The Scarecrow should have been partying down more instead of listening to these guys yell and scream at each other. A surfing Scarecrow scene would have been nice. How about a scene with the Scarecrow doing some body shots off of one of the topless chicks? Oh yeah. What a party it could have been.

"Scarecrow Gone Wild" needed a little more wild and a little less drama. It was still a good B-movie. I enjoyed myself.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Girls (and Scarecrows) Gone Wild!
Scarecrow wants a piece of the action. Party!!!

FYI - Some of the pictures above are not from the actual movie. But they should have been.

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Anonymous said...

MAN! awsome movie, when the scarecrow driver's a car and hit the woman i think to myself how only real scracrows can go wild.