Sunday, July 02, 2006

"FeardotCom" review

FeardotCom (2002)

Directed by William Malone
Writing credits Moshe Diamant Josephine Coyle

Stephen Dorff.... Detective Mike Reilly
Natascha McElhone.... Terry Huston, Dept. of Health
Stephen Rea.... Alistair Pratt, 'The Doctor'
Udo Kier.... Polidori

OK, so there is a killer website. You log on, you die. MOO-HAHAHA! It asks you. "Do you like to watch?" Of course the answer is YES. Then you get to see a wacko torture people live on the website. Which begs the first question: Is a ghost running his website? How does he pay her?

Basically the problem with this movie is it tries to develop a mystery about things we don't care about. So the cops are on the case after people show up dying around the city. Turns out they all visited this website and died soon after. So, of course, the brain surgeon cops log on as well. Now they're in trouble. Weird things happen to them and a little ghost girl with a bouncing ball show up. Follow the bouncing ball stupid!

So it all ends up with this girl and the wacko on the website being connected somehow. The ghost in the machine is guiding people to the doctor. If you can't unravel the mystery, she'll kill you for not trying.

It kind of choked on its own plot. It was too much. I would have been happy with just the ghost. It didn't need to have some ridiculous mystery along with it. It sapped the energy out of the horror movie. Plus the fact that everybody was an idiot didn't help either. Overall, it just wasn't interesting. It tried to make you interested but failed. You log on, you snore.


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