Friday, July 21, 2006

"Monster Man" review

Monster Man (2003)

Directed by Michael Davis
Writing credits Michael Davis

Eric Jungmann .... Adam
Justin Urich .... Harley
Aimee Brooks .... Sarah
Michael Bailey Smith .... Monster Man

Two guys head down the horror movie highway. They're cruising to a wedding so that they can tell the bride how they feel about her. The Monster Man has other ideas. Ugly dude in a monster truck wants to run them off the road. What drives a Monster Man to such monstrous violence? And what about the sexy hitchhiker? Why would a hot blonde be interested in a complete dork? For the answer to these and other questions, you'll have to sit through a lot of filler to find out.

"Monster Man" starts off looking like it's going to crash into a ditch. The two "best buds" were annoying me to death. One was a loud mouthed jerk that I would have left on the side of the road. The other was an annoying dweeb. Soon they pick up a hot blonde and things get better. There are a lot of filler scenes that drag the movie along. The good news is that the ending saves the movie. Violent and gory, this backwoods slaughter payoff scene saves the day. "Monster Man" is worth a look.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 monsters in a monster truck

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