Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Ceremony" review

Ceremony (1994)

Directed by Joe Castro
Writing credits Rudy Balli Joe Castro

Emilie Talbot.... Sylvia Brindisi
Forrest J Ackerman.... Sylvia's father
Amy Rohren
Mahbub Shansab.... The Fallen Angel

So there was this big, horned demon on the video box. It was singing to me and begging me to watch it: "Come closer sucker. Won't you rent the scary demon movie?" I was helpless in its gaze. Deer in the headlights. Direct hit.

I watched it and was ripped off. Again. "Ceremony" is a budget supersaver train to nowhere. These horror movies have got the art of the video box down to a science. Too bad the movie making part still eludes some. This movie is a complete yawner. I thought they were saving their money to show us something somewhat exciting near the end. What a joke. It started with nothing and ended with nothing. It was a renter too so I couldn't even bash it to pieces to get some satisfaction. Dang.


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