Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Terror on Tour" review

Terror on Tour (1980)

Directed by Don Edmonds
Writing credits Dell Lekus

Rick Styles.... Fred
Chip Greenman.... Ralph
Rich Pemberton.... Henry
Dave Galluzzo.... Cherry

I bought this video for three bucks. A band called The Clowns is rocking the house. They look like KISS except that they all have big afro wigs with orange streaks in them. Someone is murdering all of the hot chicks who come to their shows. The cops think it's one of the band members getting too caught up in his own sadistic music. Will anyone stop the killer in time? Do I care? When is this over?

I really wanted to like a movie about a killer rock band. I was ready for some serious 80's cheese action. Instead I got stuck with a very lame murder mystery. Who cares who the killer is? I don't. The band doesn't. Nobody does. Women keep getting stabbed to death but nothing fazes the Clowns. They rock on regardless. The gore effects were terrible and most of the movie was shot in the shadowy depths of the rock club. "Terror on Tour" is a stinker.

The only thing positive to say about it is that it had a lot of topless women. Since this flick is from the early 80's, all of the ladies had real breasts. It was a refreshing change of pace from the overly buxom ladies of today. Movie still stunk though. No matter what "Terror on Tour" might have, it's still not worth it.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 killer rock bands


Anonymous said...

The name is Rick Pemberton, I know because I actually dated him.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Strolling down memory lane anonymous? The IMDb says it's Rich Pemberton so Rich it is on my review. You could always change it on the IMDb and I'd fix it here. Don't know if your old BF is worth the effort though. Either way, you deserve some recognition for being the first person ever to leave a comment saying they dated someone in the movie reviewed. I appreciate you making the effort.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Gore,

I couldn't remember the bands name so I searched it and found your review. Not surprised it wasn't more clever than The Clowns and i'm not as dissapointed in myself now for not remembering it. I watched this with a group of friends and we had a blast destroying this movie and adding our own dialogue from start to finish. My personal highlight from this movie was the secret blood room. I could see how this movie won't do much when your watching by yourself and the mystery of everything was just as pointless as you described. I've collected many "rock n roll" themed b-horrors and this ones not the worst though my group screening added more viewing pleasure than this film ever could on its own. Take care Doc.

- Rick Righteous, MVTV News