Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Curse of the Komodo" review

Curse of the Komodo (2004)

Directed by Jim Wynorski
Writing credits Steve Latshaw

Tim Abell .... Jack
Melissa Brasselle .... Tiffany
Gail Harris .... Dr. Dawn Porter
Glori-Anne Gilbert .... Rebecca
Ted Monte .... Hanson
J.P. Davis .... Blake
Jay Richardson .... Foster

B-movie kingpin Jim Wynorski cranks out another one. He has grown to the point where he can now freely reference his own work. When the head Navy guy is asked how he came up with the idea of making giant Komodos, he gladly credits one of Wynorski's movies for the inspiration. "I got the idea from an old monster movie. You ever see Dinosaur Island?" In another scene, a bunch of robbers pretend to be a documentary film crew. A scientist asks, "What's the name of the show?". The hot blonde replies, "Treasure Hunt". "Treasure Hunt" was another Wynorski flick. There are also references to "Cool Hand Luke", "Ghostbusters" and, of course, "Jurassic Park".

A bunch of people end up on Komodo Island and run for their lives. There are casino robbers, (with a hot blonde whose body has been aerobicized to death), scientists, (with a not-as-hot blonde with large breasts) and the head scientist's daughter, (Gilbert), who has extremely large breasts. They must work together to save themselves from the giant Komodo roaming the island.

The action scenes are tedious. Basically they involve the cast shooting guns off screen at a giant Komodo. Bullets don't seem to faze the Komodo. He just becomes bored after having been shot a few hundred times and walks away. Soon the people bicker and argue over survival tactics and the viewer yawns. Of course it's all been done before and better but who can ever really get enough of giant monsters? I know I can't.

On the plus side, "Curse of the Komodo" hums right along and doesn't hurt you too much. It's a B-movie and proud of it. We've got a giant Komodo dragon, some hot blondes and there you go. We have a movie! The best scene involves the scientist's daughter, (Gilbert). She decides to go for a topless swim. This scene was magical. Even with a giant Komodo dragon roaming around, she still found time to enjoy herself. Good for her. Good for me too.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 skinny dipping Gilberts


Anonymous said...

thanks for this strong film

Anonymous said...

Serious, people who make films like this in 2004 must be ashamed. Come on...This is like a "F" movie or something. And the last part with the airplanes, give me a break. and try using sticks to hit the komodo it is probally as effective as their massive kick ass guns. This movie..omg. Worst ever. Topless chick in the middle of stress, good call but thats about it. Please stop bothering people with this shit.

yagulito said...

in the very begining of the film it ,it looks like it was film in the bay of puerto vallarta , Mexico the little islands looked very familiar but I don't think the they credit the country they should; I like the secene with then naked bloond with a terrible acent.
This movie haves no originality, it's been also done waist of time money and crativity in the part of the crew involve.
Acting is bad.
Girls some are hot some avarage.
The animation or special effects not good nice try.
Bad movie .

Dr. Gore ( said...

I'm thinking this was filmed in Hawaii. That's where most of Wynorski's tropical B-adventures are filmed. He's got a timeshare down there which he can use one weekend a month. More than enough time to crank out two or three giant komodo movies.

Typical B-flick. Rushed, slipshod, breasts, blood, that's a wrap. Moving on.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jim made Cool Hand Luke, Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park. The lack of tits in those movies must've thrown me off.

damien thorn said...

this movie is hot. i mean, it has it all; tits, monsters, and guns. that blonde robber-ette has one of the best physiques i've ever seen. phenomenal. next time this comes on i'm gonna try my hardest to stay awake through all of it. mmm more please. ciao