Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Sexual Boundaries" review

Sexual Boundaries (2005)

Directed by Clark Stewart
Writing credits Samm Croft

Wendy Rice.... Lenore Gates
Keri Windsor.... Jane Ellis
Rafe.... Eric Chambers
Venus.... Melina
Jessica Drake.... Michelle
Carolyn Monroe.... Lynette

I saw this on cable the other night. A wealthy pervert gets murdered. It's up to Detective Stud and Lieutenant Hot Babe to solve the case. It seems that the weirdo liked to videotape powerful men having powerful sex. All of the clues lead back to his busty blonde psychiatrist who was treating him for his sexual problems. The problem was he liked to watch people have sex. Hey, I might have that problem too. I feel your pain. Many sex scenes spontaneously break out as people keep getting killed. Of course, no one dies until they have had sex first.

"Sexual Boundaries" is a decent late night sex flick. It's worth a look. The first rule of good softcore film-making is to turn down the music and let the sex speak for itself. "Sexual Boundaries" had the good sense to let the performers make their own soundtrack. Keri Windsor is the blonde psychiatrist who gets to have most of the fun. She has about three or four sex scenes and they're all pretty good. I especially liked the scene where she had two ladies in her office and convinced them to express their love for each other on top of her desk. That was some good therapy.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 Keri therapists


Mariana said...

Somehow we came across this webpage looking for this movie. We saw it together kind of jokingly the other night and ended up getting really turned on and wet together after the scene you talk about where the two women are convinced to explore each other sexually :) You can probably guess that we are lesbians at this point, although we have a fun story behind how we first explored each other, we thought the idea of having a sexual therapist convince you to explore your sexual feelings together in person was a sexy thought :) Glad we found someone else online thought so too! :)

Mariana & Carolina xoxo

Dr. Gore said...


Thanks for writing. That was a rather hot therapy session wasn't it?

And feel free to tell me more about how you first explored each other. I like fun stories. I am a Doctor after all. I have to learn about such things.

Mariana said...

Yes, it was a VERY fun therapy session, especially for us. We have seen some late night cable naughty movies before but are never too turned on from watching them. But this one scene somehow got us so turned on watching it we didn't see much else afterwards, from being a bit too busy lol. We always find a lot of videos don't depict lesbian sex too well, but this time the tribbing looked..well very realistic and sexy. Plus we are starting Tantra lessons with a female instructor this next week so that idea of sexual therapy was kind of a turn on too :)

Mari & Carol

Dr. Gore said...

Ahh, the tribbing. The Scissor Sisters. I love that too!

The best compliment you could ever give "Sexual Boundaries" is that it inspired some real life tribbing. I just hope there was a lot of kissing before that. Foreplay is the key to sex scenes. Well, at least for me.

Work on your breathing for Tantra class. As a doctor, I also give Tantra lessons in my class "The Four Hour Orgasm and You". If you cross any Sexual Boundaries with your female instructor, tell me the three-way story right away. It's all about sharing.