Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Freak Out" review

Freak Out (2004)

Directed by Christian James
Writing credits Christian James Dan Palmer

James Heathcote.... Merv Doody
Dan Palmer.... Onkey
Nicola Connell.... Abby
Yazz Fetto.... The Sheriff
Desmond Cullum-Jones.... Old Man Wilson
James King.... Merv's Boss
Tony Rogers.... Chip McCready
John Fallon.... Looney Doll (voice)
Chili Gold.... Cherry

I was sent this DVD. “Freak out” is about two idiots training a psychopath. An escapee from a mental institution ends up at a horror movie fan’s house. Naturally, he wants his new found discovery to be the best serial killer the world has ever seen. He sets about training him on how to stalk and slash. His entrepreneurial friend is ready to merchandise him into little loony dolls. Together they will mold their psychotic buddy into a slasher movie fan’s dream.

It should be pointed out at this juncture that “Freak Out” is a comedy/horror flick. These are the kinds of flicks I worry about the most. They usually don’t work. The horror gets shoved aside for cheap laughs. I’m happy to report that while this is certainly true about “Freak Out”, (especially the cheap part), the movie still works.

“Freak Out” is not even trying to be a horror flick. It’s just going for comedy. It’s looking for that horror movie fan audience who will appreciate its sick sense of humor. This movie was clearly made by horror movie geeks. I’m talking about the kind of geeks that sit around on the weekend having a “Leprechaun” marathon and wondering who would win in a fight between the Leprechaun and Chucky. Maybe you know a few guys like that. Maybe you are that guy. If so, I would recommend a viewing of “Freak Out”.

I was amused with “Freak Out”. It definitely had its moments. I was laughing at the drinking game scene. There were some other funny spots. If you want to see a wimpy psycho turn into a mean killing machine thanks to a couple of horror movie fans, check out this movie. “Freak Out” is worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 freaky friends
And of course, here's my favorite scene.

Well, not really. I just needed to get this amazing cleavage in my review.

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