Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Anatomy 2" review

Anatomy 2 (2003)
AKA Anatomie 2

Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Writing credits Stefan Ruzowitzky

Ariane Schnug .... Junge Kellerin
August Diehl .... Benjamin 'Benny' Sachs
Herbert Knaup .... Prof. Charles Müller-LaRousse
Birgit von Rönn .... Referentin

The AAA club is back. This time a young doctor wants to roll with the cool crowd so he jumps on the AAA bandwagon. They are the Anti-Hippocratics. You've got to take risks to save lives, dang it! So this cool medical clique performs experiments on themselves to further their research. Everybody gets a synthetic muscle and other goodies. Ethics, murder and the state of modern medicine is debated as our hero comes to grips with the harsh reality that he is being used.

Speaking of being used, I thought this flick was supposed to be a horror movie. I saw the first "Anatomy" and mildly enjoyed it. "Anatomy" was a competent rip-off of "Scream" and other recent teen horror flicks. "Anatomy 2" doesn't even want to rip-off "Anatomy". Isn't that what sequels are supposed to do? Give us more of the same? "Anatomy 2" is trying to be some sort of medical thriller but I wasn't thrilled. No scares here. There are just doctors grappling with ethics as the hard rock music blasts away. Yeahhhhh....Snore....

They could make a hundred more "Anatomy" movies. Just make it a series of medical ethic thrillers. But count me out. I'm checking out of this B-movie hospital.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 because the franchise is sick - Physicians, heal thyself

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