Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Spookies" review

Spookies (1987)

Directed by Eugenie Joseph Thomas Doran
Writing credits Ann Burgund Thomas Doran

Felix Ward .... Kreon
Maria Pechukas .... Isabelle
Dan Scott .... Kreon's Servant
Alec Nemser .... Billy

This must be one of the worst movies of all time. I think I've seen enough of them to make that bold statement. My friend and I were howling in agony as scene after scene bombarded our brains with their toxic fumes. See mud men attack people while uncontrollably passing gas! Feel your brain implode! Swear off B-movies for life! Well at least a week. I tried to think of some positive things to say about it but I was shouted down by, "No! No! That was awful! WOOOOOOOO!! What a stinkburger!" My friend went screaming out of my apartment, mad that he had driven all the way over for "Spookies".

The only good thing to say about the movie is that it has one of the best "bad acting" scenes ever. A dance is going on in the house. A couple stops dancing. The guy looks at her and says, "Carol, what's wrong?" You don't know deadpan until you see the way these words drop out of his mouth and fall flat on the floor. The look of utter blankness on his face was fantastic. I laughed. At least I got something good out of "Spookies".


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