Friday, October 27, 2006

"Zombie 4: After Death" review

Zombie 4: After Death (1988)
AKA After Death

Directed by Claudio Fragasso
Writing credits Rossella Drudi

Jeff Stryker .... Chuck (as Chuck Peyton)
Candice Daly .... Jenny
Massimo Vanni .... David (as Alex McBride)
Jim Gaines .... Dan

My brother and I watched this one. When it was over, we were knocked out by the B-movie madness we had just witnessed. To top it all off, one of the greatest cheesy rock songs of all time blasts over the end credits. You don't know rock music until you hear "Living after Death!!" We were singing the chorus all night long. What a party. Thank you "Zombie 4" for rocking our world.

"Zombie 4" is all about zombies. They're "Living after Death!!". These are some drooling zombies. The minute you see one, green or black sludge comes running out of their mouths. That's how you could tell if someone was a member of the living dead. Not by the grotesque scars on their bodies and faces, but by how much drool they could produce. It was their calling card. All the zombies in this movie dress in black like a ninja. They can jump around like one too. Our heroes end up on a "deserted" island and the black belt zombies attack.

This movie is hilarious. It's a B-movie extravaganza! Blood, zombies who shoot machine guns, gore, and tons of zombie killing action. I enjoyed it. Some hilarious spots: Near the end, one of the guys is wrestling with a zombie and you can clearly see the zombie is wearing clean, white underwear. Glad to see the zombies are into hygiene. They must have washing machines in Hell. There is another scene where the professor has a zombie in a headlock and bashes his head into a rock. The zombie falls straight back like a plank of wood making a "UHHHHHH..." sound as he falls. That was classic.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 rocking after death zombies

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