Monday, October 16, 2006

"Formula 51" review

Formula 51 (2001)
AKA The 51st state

Directed by Ronny Yu
Writing credits Stel Pavlou

Samuel L. Jackson.... Elmo McElroy
Emily Mortimer.... Dakota Parker
Meat Loaf.... The Lizard (as Meatloaf)
Robert Carlyle.... Felix DeSouza

I saw this on cable recently. Samuel Jackson goes to England to sell drugs. He's a chemist selling blue pills called POS 51. His pills are 51 times better than any other drug you can imagine. His American drug connection was holding him back so he had to jump the pond to England, (the 51st state), and strike a deal before the Liverpool/Manchester football (soccer) game. This was an OK flick. Worth a look if you can see it on cable. There's nothing fancy going on here. Jackson puts on a kilt and goes to England. Some shootouts here, some profanity there and you've got a "Snatch"/"Pulp Fiction"/"Trainspotting" hybrid. Gangsters show up who hate Americans, (Yanks), and the English, (Limeys), get hated right back. Is Limey a bad word? I apologize if it is. How about shag? "The Limey who shagged me?" Is that no good? See all the important things you can learn from movies? The ability to curse in other countries. Invaluable.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 kilt wearing Jacksons

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