Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Drainiac!" review

Drainiac! (2000)

Directed by Brett Piper
Writing credits Brett Piper

Georgia Hatzis .... Julie
Alexandra Boylan.... Lisa
Ethan Krasnoo .... Jake
Samara Doucette .... Tanya

I rented this one the other day so I could teach my cousin the joys of B-movies. He was ignorant of their wild ways. My brother and I sat him down and showed him what true cinema is all about. We saw this back to back with "Slumber Party Massacre III". If that doesn't change your outlook on movies, nothing will. Unfortunately, I don't think we made a B-movie believer out of him. Oh well. At least we tried.

"Drainiac!" is about a girl who has to clean a disgusting house. Her friends stop on by to help. They somehow release the "Drainiac!". He's a water demon that is rummaging through the house. He does his demonic squirting shenanigans and the teens flag down an aquatic exorcist to purge the pipes.

As a low, (and I mean low!), budget flick, "Drainiac!" was about what I expected. It certainly wasn't a great movie but I was mildly entertained by it. For a budget of about $500, I think the cast and crew did a reasonable job.

The one aspect of "Drainiac!" that broke my heart was the tight sweater girl. She was the main girl's friend. And she wore a tight sweater. She had much larger breasts than her friend and yet did not feel the need to rip off her sweater. Why couldn't the "Drainiac!" have made a play for her? He could have at least sprayed her once or twice for a Wet Sweater Contest. That would have hit the spot. Ahhhhh...

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 tight sweater girls
Well, maybe the sweater wasn't that tight. But I can dream can't I? Oh, if only the Drainiac had found this tight sweater girl. It would have been a super soaking party.

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