Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Deathbed" review

Deathbed (2002)

Directed by Danny Draven
Writing credits John Strysik

Tanya Dempsey .... Karen
Brave Matthews .... Jerry
Meagan Mangum .... Ghost Girl
Michael Sonye .... Ghost Man (as Dukey Flyswatter)
Joe Estevez .... Art

I bought this video for four bucks. So this couple finds a bed in their attic. They decide to sleep on their new found discovery. It's too bad for them that this is a Deathbed. Seems there was a murder on the mattress back in the 30's and the essence of the murderer still inhabits it. The bad bed helps the couple become more sexually active until pure insanity starts to take hold of them.

You know, a big part of me wants to like a movie about a supernatural bed that makes you horny. But I'm afraid "Deathbed" is just so completely ridiculous that I can't get into it. Hey, if the bed is the problem, why not buy a futon? Why not break out the sleeping bags or check into a motel? This movie is cheap and proud of it. All it has is a bed. That's it. A big fluffy, scary bed. Someone saw this bed and decided to base a movie around it. Eeek. I'm scared. There's no action, tension, nudity (!) or scares. There's just a bed. This movie has got me feeling sleepy.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 big bad beds

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