Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Aftermath" review

Aftermath (1994)

Directed by Nacho Cerdà
Writing credits Nacho Cerdà

Xevi Collellmir
Jordi Tarrida
Ángel Tarris .... Marta
Pep Tosar

I bought this one at a comic book convention. The front of the box had a naked body on an autopsy slab. The back had three pictures of various scenes of carnage. That's it. No plot summary. No credits. Just pictures of blood and guts in a morgue. Kind of sells itself.

"Aftermath" is about a coroner who gets a little too involved in his work. Sound plays a crucial part in this movie although no one speaks a word. The coroner breathes as heavy as Darth Vader as he goes about his work. Every slice of skin, every crunch of bone is amplified so that it almost echoes. It's gruesome.

So we get to see an autopsy done in a very mechanical, matter of fact way. Guts and brains are taken out like it was another day at the office. Then a new corpse is wheeled in. A pretty girl. A dead pretty girl of course. This stirs up some weird feelings in the coroner as he gets very involved with her corpse. Slicing and dicing with abandon. She'll be glad she's dead.

"Aftermath" is a short film. It runs about 30 minutes. No words are spoken. Just the coroner cutting up corpses and having his way with them.

I highly recommend you find this one. It's very well made. An endurance test for the audience.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 4 demented coroners

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