Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Strip For Action" review

Strip for Action (1996)
AKA Hot Ticket

Directed by Lev L. Spiro
Writing credits Lev L. Spiro

Maria Ford... Kim
Emile Levisetti... Halleck
Nikki Fritz... Crystal
Kevin Williamson... Haker

Maria Ford and Nikki Fritz are strippers. So far, so good. Unfortunately for them, a couple of thieves show up at their strip club and decide to knock over the place. After a long strip club slaughter scene, Ford and Fritz are taken hostage. On the getaway trip, the plane runs into some trouble and they crash into the woods. The rest of the movie has Ford and Fritz doing what they can to survive. They must strip to live! Well, not really.

“Strip for Action” is an interesting mishmash of a movie. It’s shooting for the low budget action crowd and throws in a couple of hot babes to snare the rest of us B-movie lovers. Clearly I watched it for the B-movie double overdose that is Maria Ford and Nikki Fritz. When I saw the cover with Maria Ford straddling a stripper pole with a gun in her hand, I knew I had to see this important film. Then when I saw that Nikki Fritz was also in it as a fellow stripper looking for action, it took my craving to see this movie over the top.

In the first ten seconds of “Strip for Action”, Maria Ford gets topless. She also has a sex scene on a desk with the strip club manager so we can get another glimpse of the mighty Fords in action. This all happens in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. They’ve already killed the suspense before the movie can even get started. The rest of “Strip for Action” has Maria clothed as she blubbers and whines her way through her hostage ordeal. Nikki Fritz gets naked near the end of the movie as she strips down in her cheerleader outfit in the woods. Don’t ask why. When Nikki Fritz decides to get naked, just sit back and enjoy yourself.

As for the rest of the movie, it was a fairly violent exercise in B-action. “Strip for Action” is a little more ambitious than the normal B-flick. I thought the whole movie was going to be stuck in the strip club, (as most stripper movies are), but instead the filmmakers went hog wild as they sprang for a plane, a car chase, some white water rafting and various scenes in the wilderness. The main bad guy enjoyed shooting people and he emptied his gun on anyone he could find. His lust for violence led to much blood and screaming strippers.

“Strip for Action” is a decent B-flick. I was hoping for a little more stripping from Ford and Fritz but I enjoyed what I got. So if you’re looking for a heist/wilderness survival movie with two hot B-movie babes, “Strip for Action” is worth a look. You wouldn’t normally think that a heist/wilderness survival/stripper movie would be a reasonable combination of genres but along comes “Strip for Action” to prove it can be done. In the B-movie universe, anything is possible. Not good per se, but possible.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Fords in action

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