Monday, February 12, 2007

"Vampire Sisters" review

Vampire Sisters (2004)

Directed by Joe Ripple
Writing credits Don Dohler

Darla Albornoz.... Dawn
Leanna Chamish.... Det. Jennifer Hunt
Bill Debrason.... Frederick Smith
Syn DeVil.... Tasha
Jeannie Michelle Jameson.... Stacy

Three hot vampire women run a website to lure suckers to their death. If you cough up enough cash on, you are entitled to a sex bonus. Any fool who walks into their house of death to get some vampire loving is leaving with all of the blood drained from their body.

That neatly sums up “Vampire Sisters”. It’s an uncomplicated B-movie to be sure. You are promised sexy women attacking idiots that they pull off of their website and that is exactly what you get. Over and over again. Horny victim knocks on the front door, the vampire ladies do some teasing, and then the blood starts flowing. You want to watch sexy vampires kill people? Say hello to the Sisters.

Speaking of the Vamps, they look pretty good to me. I think I would have fallen into their Venus fly trap too. There’s the tall blonde, (Jameson), the short brunette, (Albornoz) and the large breasted Goth, (Syn DeVil). I’m sad to report that the short vamp does not get naked. She had the best body but still did not give us any vampire breasts. Jameson and DeVil get naked a couple of times and we’re all happier for it. DeVil has the pale look of a vampire while the other two vamps are sporting some serious tans. They must have a tanning booth in the basement.

Overall, I was satisfied with this one. “Vampire Sisters” is not overly sleazy but it gives you just enough blood and breasts to chalk it up as a decent B-movie rental. There’s also a great scene where a lonely French girl shows up at the house in desperate need of some DeVil affection. Syn has plenty of tongue to satisfy her needs and desires. Over the top B-movie scenes is what I like to see. “Vampire Sisters” is worth a look for all those in need of some vampire loving too.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Syn sisters

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