Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Stripped to Kill II" review

Stripped to Kill II (1989)
AKA Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls

Directed by Katt Shea
Writing credits Andy Ruben Katt Shea

Maria Ford .... Shady
Eb Lottimer .... Sergeant Decker
Karen Mayo-Chandler .... Cassandra
Marjean Holden .... Something Else
Birke Tan .... Dazzle

I bought this video for three bucks. Maria Ford is a distraught stripper. She dreams about killing strippers with a razor blade in her mouth. She works at an elaborate club which has long drawn out dance numbers but thankfully ends with the women taking their tops off. At least they remembered the most important part. All of this naked dancing is giving Maria nightmares of murdered strippers. Soon some of the ladies start turning up dead with razor blade cuts to their necks. Maria starts wondering if she could have stripped to kill her friends in her sleep.

“Stripped to Kill 2” is a typical straight to video thriller. It’s not too terrible but it’s nothing to get worked up over either. Maria Ford is the sole reason I spent my precious three dollars on it. Unfortunately, she does not look as smoking hot as she did in the Ford classic, “I Like to Play Games Too”. She’s a redhead in this one and it is not working for her. Long blonde hair is the only way to go for Maria. She does have one good scene where she is stripping on stage while pretending to be a tiger. She looks good on all fours. This was the highlight of “Stripped to Kill 2”.

The rest of the movie has various strippers in various stages of undress while Maria Ford has a nervous breakdown over the possibility of being a mad stripper killer. Distraught is not the right emotion for Maria Ford to be projecting. I’m thinking horny would be better. Yeah. Horny, lust-filled, even angry would be preferable to sad, despondent, and guilt ridden. The cops grind away at the murder case while the strippers grind away on stage and still Maria can’t stop weeping.

“Stripped to Kill 2” can be skipped. The murder mystery is uninteresting and the other strippers didn’t do much for me. Unless you’re a die hard Maria Ford fan, you can let this one go.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 deadly strippers

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