Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Live Feed" review

Live Feed (2006)

Directed by Ryan Nicholson
Writing credits Roy Nicholson Ryan Nicholson

Mike Bennett .... The Giant
Greg Chan .... The Butcher
Stephen Chang .... The Boss
Taayla Markell .... Emily
Kevan Ohtsji .... Miles
Rob Scattergood .... Darren
Ashley Schappert .... Sarah

They say that every decade gets the horror movies they deserve. This is especially true of B-movies. The really smart B-movies try to find a popular trend and exploit it for all it’s worth. So in these cynical, violent times we get “Hostel” and the “Saw” movies as horror entertainment. Just in case we can’t get enough torture and mayhem, along comes “Live Feed” to inflict more pain and suffering on us. You know you love it.

Five friends are vacationing in an Asian country. They stop in at one of the local bars only to be tossed out after insulting the local Triad boss. On the way back to the hotel, they decide to rebound by checking out an all night porno theater. Once inside, the fiends pounce. The Triad boss sets up a Live Feed so he can watch the tourists get tortured for his pleasure. He keeps a giant leather bound psycho on the payroll for just such occasions.
“Live Feed” is a B-movie knock-off of “Hostel”. You may have thought “Hostel” was a B-movie to begin with but then “Live Feed” appears to show you how far they can stretch a dollar. And some necks.

“Live Feed” is a pretty sleazy movie. There’s plenty of nudity, girls are tortured in sick and inventive ways and the blood gushes by the gallon. So yes, as you can imagine, I loved every second of it! It says a lot about me that I connected with this movie as hard as I did. “Live Feed” is a good example of how B-movies can shine. If you can show things that the normal horror flicks wouldn’t do, then you’ve got something special. Here’s a good sleaze example:


So one of the girls gets captured by the giant leather-bound behemoth. They decide to stick a large pipe down her throat. Naturally, the next step is to shove a small snake down her windpipe. As the snake makes its way through her body, the large maniac sticks her in the ribs with his machete. Guess what wiggles through her ribcage? When I saw that snake pop its head up from her guts, I knew that the filmmakers were on the same demented wavelength as me.


“Live Feed” keeps the torture vibe going from “Hostel” and “Saw” and adds a few more sleazy scenes for us to enjoy. It delivers the gory goods. “Live Feed” was the B-movie we deserve.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 tortured girls on the live feed


cenobitespawn said...

What a brilliant amazing b flick. I rented the r rated version at blockbuster because they failed to carry the unrated version. A lot of the gore was cut but it was still included with the dvd in the special features. It is apparent that Ryan Nicholso made this film as a gore fan for gore fans. NOt only did it feed my appetite for gore but it was fun to watch as well. My favorite part was when the cook says: "you pretty good with cleaver you kill dog before?" absolutely hysterical. All in all this movie had everything i look for in a b movie and more it was well done and very enjoyable its a definite must for gore fans and b movie fans! Looking forward to gutter balls and live feed 2 , lets hope Ryan Nicholson keeps it going and does not lose his montentum.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Agreed. "Live Feed" delivers the B-movie thrills. Any B-movie freak will get into it.