Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Dream Witch" review

Dream Witch (2000)

Chrissy Mountjoy .... Susan
Glori-Anne Gilbert .... Pamela
Savannah Powers .... Jennifer
Melissa Wolf .... Dream Witch

I was reading the news the other day when I saw that a high priced escort service was busted in Atlanta. It said that Lisa Ann Taylor used to be a Penthouse centerfold and allegedly ran a call girl ring out of a house in Duluth. It also alleges that it would cost you $10,000 for a weekend at the house if you wanted to have sex with Taylor and friends. The article finished by saying that Lisa Ann Taylor was also known as Melissa Wolf and had done some skin flicks. Heh, I said. That’s kind of interesting.

Melissa Wolf. I knew that name rang a bell but it took me awhile to remember it. A couple of days went by and I started to have this nagging feeling that I knew who she was. And then it hit me. I’ve had one of her movies sitting on my DVD pile for the last year! What luck! I had bought a double feature DVD of “World of the Erotic Ape” and “Dream Witch” and had been waiting for just the right time to watch it. After I made the connection to the sleazy publicity from Atlanta, I had a quick “Pulp Fiction” flashback. “You sending the Wolf?” Oh yeah.

A bunch of hot babes get together for a girl’s weekend. Glori-Anne Gilbert shows up as the dorky friend who is still a virgin. This will not stand. The Dream Witch, (The Wolf), appears with her mandatory lightening bolt flash and dreadful rock song blasting away to sex Gilbert up. Their scene together was the best in the movie. As they squirm around together, the video gets scratchy and faded and the audio has nothing but a horrible rock song plaguing your ears. This is supposed to denote that the Dream Witch is in the house. This was also a very poor choice of visual effects as I would have been much happier hearing the Wolf howl with Glori-Anne.

After her wolfing, Gilbert becomes a sex machine. Once you’ve had the Wolf, you can never go back. The rest of the movie has Gilbert jumping on all her friends while the Wolf pulls her strings. Dance, Glori-Anne, dance.Well, I’m not going to tell you that this was a good movie. “Dream Witch” is a cheeseball lesbian flick. The sound is terrible, the video is cheap and the acting is atrocious. It was as cut-rate and pathetic as I thought it was going to be. But with a little sleazy publicity behind it, it’s kind of interesting. The Wolf looks pretty good to me. She has got some hot moves on her. She also has the distinction of being the first woman to have a good sex scene with Glorie-Ann Gilbert. Gilbert needs to be dominated and the Wolf took over the second she put her hands on her. There’s also a lot of nudity in “Dream Witch” so it’s got that going for it.

So if you want to see if the Wolf is (allegedly) worth 10 grand for a weekend of Wolf action, check out “Dream Witch”. If that doesn’t interest you, you can let this one go. As for me, I smell a Melissa Wolf comeback! I’m ready for “Dream Witch 2: Return of the Big Bad Wolf!”

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Dream Wolfs

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