Friday, December 08, 2006

"Pearl Harbor" review

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Directed by Michael Bay
Writing credits Randall Wallace

Ben Affleck .... Capt. Rafe McCawley
Josh Hartnett .... Capt. Danny Walker
Kate Beckinsale .... Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson
Cuba Gooding Jr. .... Petty Officer Doris Miller
Jon Voight .... President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Alec Baldwin .... Lt. Col. James Doolittle
Tom Sizemore .... Sgt. Earl Sistern

"Pearl Harbor" has one great battle scene. About forty five minutes into it, the battle of Pearl Harbor is shown. It's fantastic. I was surprised that it came so early because I knew "Pearl Harbor" was an "epic" and had a long way to go. Apparently they couldn't bear to end the movie on a downbeat note so the flick goes on to show the Americans striking back at the Japanese. I can live with that amount of cheese. But the super helping of double cheese that is the love triangle choked me to death. It smothers "Pearl Harbor".

It's a shame too because the battle scene is so good. I couldn't bear to watch this movie again because of that super fake love story. Now putting a love story in a war movie is not in and of itself a bad thing. But the makers of this flick have no concept of real human emotions. Everything they know about love comes from watching other movies. Bad movies too. Corny is putting it nicely. Making love in the parachute room? Come on man. Bleech. There are more examples of cheese but it's not worth going into. It was too much and too fake.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 love disasters

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