Monday, December 11, 2006

"Shock-O-Rama" review

Shock-O-Rama (2006)

Directed by Brett Piper
Writing credits Brett Piper

Erin Brown .... Rebecca Raven (as Misty Mundae)
Julian Wells
Erika Smith
Caitlin Ross
A.J. Khan

Ahh, Misty Mundae. Sweet, innocent… hey…wait a minute. What is this? Erin Brown? Misty Mundae is now called Erin Brown? When did this start? I have to call her Erin Brown? Erin Brown. Erin Brown. No, no. It’s just not working for me. She’ll always be Misty Mundae to me. There’s no escaping the past as I suspect she’ll be kissing girls in movies no matter what name she gives herself. That’s not such a bad life.

Anyway, this brings me to “Shock-O-Rama”. The movie feels like Misty Mundae’s kiss off to Seduction Cinema. They got the Mundae kiss of death. Its three movies wrapped around the gripping tale of Rebecca Raven, (Misty Mundae), getting tired of making B-movies and deciding to give her bread and butter the finger. I was amused to hear Mundae’s tirade against her fans. This scene sounded like Mundae getting a lot of frustration off of her chest. You know, the usual B-movie star griping about how all her fans are losers and they simply like her because they can masturbate furiously watching her movies in mommy’s basement. Well, if it makes her feel any better, I treat my mommy’s basement with the utmost respect. I would never watch one of her movies there. Now at my apartment, that’s a whole other party! My neighbors have to bang on the wall to get me to turn down her moans and sighs as she rubs herself all over some naked woman, usually Julian Wells. Good times man. Good times.

After storming out of the B-movie studio, Mundae heads off to the country to get some peace and quiet. Peace and quiet away from those stinking B-movie fans who only want to see her naked! Can you believe it?! Too bad for her that there’s one more fan waiting for her at the house, a blood thirsty zombie. He tries to put Mundae in the ground but she’ll have none of it. She is a B-movie star whether she likes it or not. She’ll show him who’s in charge of this movie.

Back at the studio, the bosses need to decide about whom they could possibly replace Raven/Mundae with. They watch two short movies in the hopes that some larger breasted woman will save their studio from ruin. The first one has Caitlin Ross and the big guy from “Screaming Dead” doing battle against some midget aliens in a junkyard. The studio head gets upset when Caitlin does not show off her beautiful breasts. Who can blame him? The second movie has Julian Wells conducting dangerous sleep experiments on A.J Khan and some other women. Unfortunately, the dreams do not involve a large all-girl orgy but instead are all about scaring the subject to death. There is a lot of nudity in this section of “Shock-O-Rama” as Julian, A.J. and Caitlin all excite the studio boss and me as well.

How about that Caitlin Ross? I was as dismayed as the studio head when she didn’t get naked with the midget aliens but then she bounces back in the Julian Wells section. Yeah, she’s walking around naked while covered in blood. That’s what I like to see. I’m a believer. A.J. Khan shows up as a guinea pig for Julian Wells sleep experiments. Her first dream has her walking around in a school girl uniform. You've got to love that. And I do! Julian takes an interest in her and becomes a horny Freddy Krueger in A.J.’s nightmare on Wells Street. It’s always good to see Julian play the serious doctor/scientist type who wears glasses and has her hair up. Of course we all know why filmmakers have “smart girls” look like that. So that Julian can slowly take off her glasses and shake her hair down when she's ready to get frisky.I love that. Wells is good in her section as an evil Dr. Feelgood. She gets naked a lot and there is much rejoicing.

“Shock-O-Rama” is a fun flick. I enjoyed it. It’s especially fun if you’re a B-movie fan who has seen more Misty Mundae movies than you should. You could take it as a goodbye from Misty Mundae or you could just enjoy it for the B-movie stew that it is. Either way, it’s worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 angry Mundaes There she is.
You know who. Ooooo, Dr. Julian. Makes me say mmmmmmmm...yes doctor.


SickBoy said...

I think "Erin Brown" is her real name. Here's an interview where she's asked about the origins of "Misty Mundae":

Dr. Gore ( said...

There is only one name that counts and that's Misty Mundae. Her friends might call her Erin. Her teachers may have called her Ms. Brown. But for the rest of the world, it's Mundae until the day she dies.