Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Dracula III: Legacy" review

Dracula III: Legacy (2005)

Directed by Patrick Lussier
Writing credits Joel Soisson Patrick Lussier

Jason Scott Lee .... Father Uffizi
Jason London .... Luke
Roy Scheider .... Cardinal Siqueros
Diane Neal .... Elizabeth Blaine
Alexandra Wescourt .... Julia Hughes
Rutger Hauer .... Dracula
Stephen Billington .... Dracula (flashback)

Why can't anyone make normal vampire flicks anymore? Why does every movie try to swing for the fences? I would love to see a straight up the middle vampire movie again. "Fright Night" is a good example of an entertaining vampire movie. "Dracula III" is another in a long line of goofy vampire slayer movies that bite off more than they can chew.

So a vampire slayer goes to Romania with his annoying sidekick. They are there to look for a lost girl and kill Dracula. Apparently Dracula is trying to take over the entire country! There is a whole rebel army trying to wipe him out. So our slayers wander around the countryside, killing vampires when they can, until they stumble upon Dracula's lair. Could he be staying at the big scary castle which is the only thing that exists at the end of the only road out of town? Possibly.

"Dracula III" has some good points. There's some decent blood and gore, a few cool fight scenes and a particularly sleazy blood sucking party at Dracula's pad. I guess Dracula's ladies would rather suck each other's blood than have to actually go out and get some themselves.

But "Dracula III" is so relentlessly stupid and edited so badly that I started to lose interest in it by the fifteen minute mark. While I've never seen a vampire attack somebody while wearing a mask and walking on stilts, I still have to wonder why a vampire would think that that's a good idea. He wouldn't of course but the filmmakers thought it would look cool. That sums up "Dracula III". It's a collection of random vampire scenes that were stapled together to give the illusion of a coherent movie.

Unless you desperately need to see vampires getting wasted, it can be skipped.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 holy slayers

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