Thursday, April 09, 2020

"We Summon the Darkness" trailer

Any excuse to put up pictures of Alexandra Daddario must be taken.


Otis Young said...

I love the TIT-le of this movie, it sounds so cool, i also like that birds tits, not quite a 17 year-old Pauline Hickey, but almost ! ! !.

Rod Serling said...

You're travelling through another di-girl-sion, a di-girl-sion of time, a di-girl-sion of mind, a wondrous land where you can have your willy squashed and squeezed between the quite astonishingly perfect tits of a literally endless line of 17 year-old Pauline Hickey look-a-likes, your next stop, the signpost up ahead, you just crossed over into "THE PAULINE HICKEY TIT-FUCK ZONE".

Rod Serling said...

By the way, i also watched "secrets of the strip-o-gram girls" (1985) the only film that Pauline Hickey ever appeared in, it's an appalling film and the quite astonishing Miss Hickey is indeed the ONLY reason to watch it, but I must admit seeing that amazing bird in a complete movie was quite an experience, that bird really was totally beyond belief in her unparalleled perfection.

Russ Meyer said...

Massive Knockers: Pauline Hickey 1985
Massive knockers: Lisa Phillips 1988
Massive knockers: Lorna Maitland 1964
Massive knockers: Dolly Parton 1964
Massive knockers: Viviene Kanoia 1965
Massive Knockers: Francesca "Kitten" Natividad 1966
Massive knockers: Lu Varley 1987
Massive Knockers: Chesty Morgan 1946
Massive knockers: Chelsea Charms 1994
Massive knockers: Pandora Peaks 1982

NB: Important clarification, The dates are an approximation of when the specific mega-titted beauty in question was around 18 years-old and there-fore at the absolute pinnacle and peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability, and, by definition of course, the peak of her tit-fuckability as well ! ! !.