Monday, July 17, 2023

“The Playboy Murders” review

Holly Madison guides us through a six episode series of Playboy murders. Did she know all these playmates?  No, but she links them all to Playboy with her own domination of the Mansion as proof positive she knows all about Playboy’s plots and schemes. Six sordid tales of Playboy bunnies either being murdered or involved in the murder of others.

There’s one distracting element to all of this murder and mayhem. Her name is Holly Madison. She wasn’t necessary to this tale. She has no connection to any of this. Other than making a living off the Playboy name and then trashing it constantly, she has no business here. Although I suppose if her business is trashing Playboy then I must concede that this is right on brand.

Three episodes are tales of Playboy employees being killed and the other three episodes have them being involved somehow in other murders. The stand out episode is of poor Jasmine Fiore who was brutally murdered by her husband. Jasmine worked for Playboy Golf (which I didn’t know existed), and married her husband after briefly dating, (days of dating). This did not end well for all concerned.

But her murder has nothing to do with Playboy. It makes for an interesting hook for people like me to watch all six episodes but this constant “Playboy covers up tragedy” doesn’t ring true for all of these tales. In fact, some murders happen decades after leaving Playboy. Star Stowe dies twenty years after leaving Playboy while working as a prostitute in Florida. Another episode has a Playboy cyber model getting murdered after bring home a drug dealer for sex and then stiffed him on paying for drugs. Not sure what Playboy could have done there. Unless the show is implying these women make terrible life choices which includes believing in the Playboy mythology.

But I did find myself immersed in these tales of desire and near instant regret. It does give you important life lessons on what not to do. Like for instance, one episode had an elderly doctor getting his head bashed in after giving up $300,000 to a “sugar baby”bunny. When wondering why he would part with so much money, the show says he was a very generous person. Generous person? Perhaps he was the one who believed too much in the never ending allure of Playboy glamour. Maybe Holly wants us all to stop believing it, But why stop when it feels so good? Well, maybe not good for everybody.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 lost bunnies

Sunday, July 16, 2023

“The Scary of Sixty First” review

The Scary of Sixty First

  • Director: Dasha Nekrasova

  • Writer: Dasha NekrasovaMadeline Quinn

    Jeffery Epstein’s evil permeates New York as cheaply as possible in The Scary of Sixty First. Three girls ruminate on the nature of moral bankruptcy, government conspiracies and furious masturbation as the curse of Epstein infests their lives. 

    I must say I wasn’t expecting Jeffery Epstein to show up in this movie. No one expects Epstein. But in hindsight he makes for a great super villain as his story still hasn’t been finished and much more of his evil will be uncovered. Or will it?

    This conundrum is at the heart of The Scary of Sixty First. Too many people got off on violating young girls that nothing can stop them from protecting their identities. Ask Maxwell today and she still won’t talk about it. Epstein is powerful from beyond the grave.

    Our three leads in the film try to fight the good fight but to no avail. His supernatural perversions are too pleasurable no matter how wrong. One girl masturbates constantly to Prince Andrew or on the front door of Epsteins condo. The other two talk a lot about reasons how and why Epstein got away with it. And then they have sex. Jeffery would be pleased from his perch in Hell to see his invasive influence in their lives.

    I liked this movie. I loved all the female leads. Not liked, loved. As Epstein sordid tale continues to haunt the world, I have hopes for a sequel. The Scary of Saint Jeff’s island. Or perhaps the Masturbating Maxwell. That might be too scary.

    SCORE: 3 out of 4 obsessed Epstein hunters


Friday, July 14, 2023

Julie K Smith

The world needs more Julie Smith. You know it. I know it. Why are we arguing about this?

I’ve got the worlds greatest woman’s prison movie in my head. I need a director with the stamina to make it happen . Julie Smith as the warden. A mass shower scene. Or two. A knife fight. More Julie Smith. It writes itself!  Box office gold. Have you seen a woman’s prison movie lately? My point exactly.