Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Skin Crawl" review

Skin Crawl (2007)

Director: Justin Wingenfeld
Writer: Justin Wingenfeld

Debbie Rochon ... Margret
Julian Wells ... Sadie
Kevin G. Shinnick ... Howard
Erin Brown ... Streetwalker (as Misty Mundae)
John Paul Fedele
Gustavo Ferrari ... Frank
Ruby Larocca ...Franco's Wife

Julian Wells is a conniving, sleazy home wrecker. She sets her sights on some hapless jerk who’s married to Debbie Rochon. How this guy managed to get with both Debbie Rochon and Julian Wells requires a suspension of disbelief of mammoth proportions. She convinces her chump lover that they should knock off Rochon before she gets a chance to divorce him. With the help of some other Seduction Cinema regulars, Rochon is dispatched to her grave. Little does anyone know that Rochon’s ancestors were witches who cast some sort of zombie revenge spell on their bloodline. If one of their descendants should be murdered, they will rise from their grave to get their revenge. Julian better watch out for Debbie of the Dead.

“Skin Crawl” lets Julian take the spotlight as she plots and schemes her way into some easy money. After all, who could possibly resist Julian Wells? Once she puts on the leather pants, it’s a done deal. “Skin Crawl” lets Julian be as sexy and evil as she wants to be. It also has my new favorite Julian Wells line. In one scene, Julian and her sap boyfriend are lounging around in the kitchen. She knows that he is dying to try some anal sex with her. She turns around, slips off her tight leather pants and says, “I’m already lubed baby.” Classic. Freaking classic.

Of course what’s really shocking about “Skin Crawl” is that Julian Wells is having sex with men. Being a long time veteran of Julian cinema, I found myself slightly thrown off by the fact that she wasn’t making out with Misty Mundae. But “Skin Crawl” really gives you as much Julian Wells as you could want as there are many scenes where she is either topless or having sex. Or both! Oh, and who could forget her scene as the shy schoolgirl who needs a spanking? I know I can’t. Neither will you. “Skin Crawl” is a pretty decent B-movie. I enjoyed it. But as a horror movie, it’s slightly lacking. The horror elements don’t manifest themselves until an hour has gone by. “Skin Crawl” plays like an episode of “Tales from the Crypt”. People get their comeuppance from an undead Debbie. Unfortunately, zombie Debbie doesn’t show up until most of the movie has gone by. When she finally does make her appearance, she tears through her wicked killers with great speed. The good news is that Debbie spills a lot of guts on her road to revenge. The guilty will pay dearly for messing with Debbie. “Skin Crawl” is worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 scheming Wells

Shocking. Show...Julian...the...MONEY!

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