Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Black Devil Doll" review

Black Devil Doll (2007)

Director: Jonathan Lewis
Shawn Lewis Mitch Mayes

Heather Murphy ... Heather
Natasha Talonz ... Natasha
Christine Svendsen ... Candi
Erika Branich ... Buffy
Precious Cox ... Bambi
Martin Boone ... White-T

A murderer on death row gets reincarnated as a black puppet. The power of Heather Murphy's giant white floppy breasts have brought him back to life. He saw those milky white beauties and knew he had to come back from the dead for them. It isn't long before Heather falls for the jive talking puppet and commences on a forbidden love affair. But one white girl is not enough for the Black Devil Doll. Soon he will make plans to have all of Heather's buxom buddies over to his pad so he can show them the horny black puppet loving they've been missing.

"Black Devil Doll" is about hot interracial puppet sex. Never before has a film had the courage to show in explicit detail the tender love making between a black puppet and white girls with giant breasts. "Black Devil Doll" doesn't concern itself with petty things like plot or characterization. These are elements for lesser films to worry about. "Black Devil Doll" just wants to give you the most puppet banging for your buck.

While "Black Devil Doll" was made to be offensive with its outrageous stereotypes and white girl puppet loving, it's too ridiculous to be taken seriously. There is nothing offensive about a black puppet stalking white girls and then raping their dead bodies. Well, maybe there is something offensive there. But this is a sleazy exploitation movie so you should know what you're getting into before watching it.

Heather Murphy is the Devil Doll's mistress and she is every Devil Doll's dream. She is large in every shapely corner of her beautiful curvy body. My God, we need more natural beauties like her in horror films. When the Devil Doll gets tired of Murphy's curvaceous body, he gets her to call over some more large breasted women. The rest of the movie has the Devil Doll stalking the women one by one.

The Devil Doll's stalking leads to one long exploitation scene as each white girl gets to ride the Devil Doll's wooden pole. The Devil Doll likes to kill them first and then penetrate as quickly as he can. All of this delirious sleaze culminates with a prolonged love making session with the large breasted girl he chased out of the shower. She couldn't resist him any longer even with blood streaming down her face. That's the power of the Devil Doll.

"Black Devil Doll" is a fun, sleazy flick. It has plenty of naked women performing unspeakable acts on a black puppet. You don't get to see that kind of entertainment every day. It's worth a look.

One last thought, there was only one sleazy scene missing from this movie. Why wasn't there a three way scene? You could have had Heather gang up with one of her busty friends on the Devil Doll. Instant comedy. And instant lesbian gratification. Or you could have had a white devil doll come to life and join in the fun. Two puppets, one girl! See what this movie has done to me? When I close my eyes, I dream of puppet orgies. I'm not sure I mind either.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 horny devil dolls


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

I know there wasn`t an official caption contest here but if i were to take a guess at what the doll is saying to the gorgeous bird it would be "ME IS GUNNA` BUGGER EVERY INCREDIBLE 18 YEAR-OLD CHICK IN DE WORLD, AN DEN ME IS GUNNA` FUCK DEM AND SODOMIZE DEM AS WELL HO..HO..HO" was i right?

Dr. Gore ( said...

That was pretty close. Except it wasn't so much 18 year olds he was fantasizing about but "Cracker women". I fantasize about Heather Murphy myself.