Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Voodoo Dollz" review

Voodoo Dollz (2008)

Fred Olen Ray
Fred Olen Ray

Christine Nguyen ... Christina
Beverly Lynne ... Jilly
Monique Parent ... Miss Dambahla
Charlie Laine ... Maria
Nicole Sheridan ... Sandra
Voodoo ... Jeff (as Alexandre Boisvert)
Syren ... Miss Santana
Kitty ... Meg (as Kitty Katzu)
Michelle Bauer... Miss Anton

Christine Nguyen is a bad girl. She gets caught having sex with another naughty girl in her school locker room. They are both dressed in school girl uniforms and wearing pig tails so you know that they're extra naughty. Headmistress Michelle Bauer decides to punish her by sending her away to a boarding school for lesbian witches. I only wish Michelle had bent her over and given her a good spanking before she left. Once Christine gets to Monique Parent's school for horny lesbians, the witches welcome her to their sapphic coven. There is some nonsense about voodoo dolls and sacrifices but it's just filler to give you a little breather until the next lesbian scene gets started.

"Voodoo Dollz" is a Fred Olen Ray triumph. The key to its success can be summed up in two words: Lesbian sex. Sweet, beautiful, softcore lesbian sex. "Voodoo Dollz" embraces the most sacred rule of late night entertainment. For it is written: He who films pretty girls kissing each other is sure to find success after midnight on Cinemax. "Voodoo Dollz" has only one guy in it and that was one guy too many for my tastes. But at least it kept the men to a bare minium so the ladies could have their fun.

Oh and what fun it was. The first lesbian scene has Christine and Kitty making out in the locker room. This was a great scene which started the movie down the path to success. Michelle Bauer shows up and does not get involved with any of the women. This made me sad as I was hoping for some tender loving between her and Christine. But when the movie shifts to sapphic school, there's plenty of lesbian affection to keep you entertained. Christine and Nicole Sheridan have a good sex scene with the help of a voodoo sex toy. But the best sex scene was between Charlie Laine and Syren which is only marred by some idiotic guy peeping on them. Ray needs to stop interrupting the action with scenes of goofballs staring at the naked women. The last thing I want to see during an abundance of nipple licking is some grinning moron's face. Please, let's stop the madness. It's for the best.

But let's pause for a moment and reflect on what the ladies of Cinemax have meant to our lives. Where would we be today without these softcore divas to entertain us late at night? I'm talking about Beverly Lynne, Julie Smith, Nikki Fritz, Julian Wells, AJ Khan, Kim Dawson, Nikki Nova and many others who have sweat, screamed and moaned until we couldn't take anymore and went to bed. Women who fill our hearts with lust for the perfect female body and show us the proper way to make sweet love on a desk, chair or sofa. These women are invaluable to B-movies.

"Voodoo Dollz" proves that point as it would be completely worthless without the women. It's softcore movies like this that make you stop and realize the power these women have. Their very existence in a B-movie dictates whether it's going to succeed or fail. Christine Nguyen and friends know how to conjure up that softcore voodoo magic. The overdose of B-movie women in "Voodoo Dollz" ensures a pleasant late night romp.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Cinemax bad girls


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

I wonder if you can guess what i`d like to do to those 4 incredible chicks?, clue: it involves their arse-holes not their twats.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

No guesses, well i want to bugger them (surprise, surprise). One of the main reasons for my obsession with young girls arse-holes is that the most private, personal, intimate part of a girls body is not her twat but her arse-hole there-fore that is the holy grail of sexual activity the gateway to sexual heaven (as it were), remember never waste your time fucking a bird if you can get you knob up her bum instead.

Anonymous said...

I think this movie is so awsome because it stars one my favorite pornstars .