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"Blood and Sex Nightmare" review

Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008)

Joseph R. Kolbek
Joseph R. Kolbek

Julia Morizawa ... Amy (as Julia M. Morizawa)
Andy McGuinness ... Nick
Dan Petit ... Walter
Niki Rubin ... Girl with Pigtails (as Niki Notarile)
Lily St. Claire ... Girl in Intro (as Lilly St. Claire)
Laura Diozzi ... Girl at Campfire
Tina Krause ... Alicia

I was given this DVD as a Christmas present. When I went over to my friend's house in Pasadena to watch "Breaking Her Will", I received this thoughtful gift. It warms my heart to know that movies like "Blood and Sex Nightmare" seem like the perfect present for me. So I reciprocated his generosity by watching "Breaking Her Will" with him. He still hasn't recovered. I have hurt him once again.

"Blood and Sex Nightmare" is about blood and sex and a few nightmares. A couple decides to go to the most rundown, seedy looking adult retreat they can find. "Pleasure Mountain" looks like an abandoned summer camp that was left to rot. But pleasure is not to be found on this mountain as some random slasher is hiding in the woods ready to kill anyone who partakes in carnal delights. Amy, (Julia Morizawa), is having recurring nightmares of a blood soaked maniac stalking her. She's the only virgin on Pleasure Mountain so her chances of survival look promising. Anyone else who dares to rile up the slasher with their sexual hijinks will taste his blade right between their legs. Many sexual organs will be massacred before this vacation is over.

"Blood and Sex Nightmare" is a good example of a fun B-movie. It's cheap, shoddy, sleazy and downright entertaining. The title promises blood and sex and nightmares and it delivers on all three. There isn't a lot of wasted time in this movie as the couple hits the retreat fairly quickly so they can get the blood flowing. As Amy keeps rebuffing her boyfriends advances, we are treated to scene after scene of cheap depravity in the other cabins.

*GORE SPOILERS* One scene has a couple playing some light S&M, (naked woman tied to a chair), when the guy decides to chase off whoever is watching them outside. The mad slasher, (who apparently hates S&M), is waiting for him and proceeds to cut off the guy's penis so that he can teach him a lesson. He then takes the organ back inside to show the woman what she's missing. Another scene has the butcher interrupting a spanking session where some wholesome family role playing is going on. She was a bad girl and took her spanking from her "daddy". But the monster hates role playing too so she'll have to pay with blood to satisfy his desire for punishment. *END SPOILERS*

So with this much outrageous sleaze breaking out every ten minutes I can forgive the movie if it may be deficient in other areas. Acting, production values, special effects are all hovering at the usual rotgut B-movie level. But "Blood and Sex Nightmare" aims to please exploitation movie fans and in that respect it succeeds. I had a good time. It's worth a look.

One last thought, my only regret with "Blood and Sex Nightmare" is that Amy didn't turn into a sex freak at the end of the movie. I thought the ghost of Pleasure Mountain past would infest her mind with dreams of sexual excess but she stayed pure and fought temptation. I suppose only virgins survive horror movies. Amy must have figured that out too. Oh well. There was plenty of sleaze to go around even if Amy wanted to remain chaste amongst the freaks.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 spanked bad girls


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