Friday, January 17, 2014

"Hypnotika" review

"Hypnotika" (2013)
Directed by: Who knows?
Written by: a maniac

. . . Hot babe

A lonely nerd wants to score with women. But not just any women. He has his sights set on Julie Smith. He's shooting for the stars. There's only one problem. Julie Smith is not impressed and doesn't want him. That's a big problem. She's seen it all, done it all. What could possibly excite a woman in Julie Smith's league? Hypnotika is the answer. It's a device that allows you to create dreams that feel real. Or was it a way to hypnotize women into wanting you?  Or maybe it was a remote control that plugged you into other people's dreams? Ahh who cares? Julie Smith is in the movie and she's amazing. That's all that matters.

"Hypnotika" is the story of Julie Smith's breasts. Well, not really but it's the only thing worth mentioning. My God her breasts are magnificent. There were a lot of top heavy women in this movie but none of them came close to matching Julie's amazing tits. Kylee Nash has her own abundant charm but her breasts are just not as awe-inspiring as Julie's.

There are plenty of sex scenes in "Hypnotika" to keep your mind occupied as you wonder whether or not you're watching someone's dream of carnal delights or an implanted fantasy. "Hypnotika" has a complicated plot for a late night skin flick. Either that or I was drinking too much. After the third beer I had given up trying to follow the story and waited patiently for Julie Smith to slink back into someone's fantasy.

Most of the sex scenes are standard quality for a B-flick. They go something like this: Disrobe, lick, grind, female performers end scene by staring at camera while unseen director shouts instructions to stare at camera.The only sex scene worth highlighting is at the very end. Julie and the nerd finally get it on in an tour de force performance by Julie. It made me want to live! It reaffirmed my lust for Ms. Smith and her stunning body.

So if you want to watch Julie Smith bounce around people's fantasies, "Hypnotika" has plenty of Julie for your money. If you have any other reason to watch this movie, don't bother. Julie Smith is the only reason. She is the ultimate fantasy woman.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 fantasy woman


willy jerk-off said...

Two great pictures, although the second one is confusing, because the bird in the blue top has the tits of an incredible 20 year-old sex-pot but the face of a middle-aged slag, thats a bit odd.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

That first image of the hypnosis pattern is quite nice but i think it might`ve been slightly to artistic and pretentious for this site, another mega-breasted beauty would have been more appropriate ! ! !.

Dr. Gore said...

Sir, how dare you insult the great Julie K Smith. The aging process happens to us all and we must accept the reality that even Penthouse Pets/Playboy bunnies will eventually age. And by the way, she is a hot tornado in "Hypnotika". Blowing away her peers. Twisting in the wind with hurricane strength in the bedroom, etc.

Dr. Gore said...

The pattern at the top of the review for "Hypnotika" was neccessary as there is no box art anywhere on the world wide web to promote this feature film. In fact, there isn't even an IMDb page for "Hypnotika". No one knows this movie exists! Or the producers didn't want anyone to know! Look deep into the art at the top and you will be put under its hypnotic spell.

Although I suppose I could have just put another pic of Julie Smith at the top and called it a day. That would have made sense too.

willy jerk-off said...

Yeah, i have to admit that birds knockers are astonishing completely irrespective of her age.