Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Nympha" review

Nympha (2007)

Director: Ivan Zuccon
Writer: Ivo Gazzarrini

Tiffany Shepis ... Sarah
Caroline De Cristofaro

Tiffany Shepis goes to a convent. She is there to live in total seclusion with God. The sisters feel that the only way for Tiffany to speak with God is to torture her on a regular basis. These various crippling tortures lets Sister Tiffany channel some ghosts from the past. There is another convoluted tale at this convent about some old crazy guy who liked to beat people and keep them in his attic. Sister Tiff starts reaching out to these spirits to somehow find some comfort after having her senses sliced off of her body. The ghosts of B-movie pasts may be able to help Sister Shepis or they may drive her insane.

I was ready for a sleazy nunsploitation movie and instead I got "Nympha". Who are the ghosts and why should we care? Why am I staring at an old guy in a wifebeater when I should be watching Shepis get on her knees? The movie starts off with Tiffany Shepis getting naked in the first ten minutes.
"Nympha" was on the right path to B-movie enlightenment. I was intrigued and ready to see more of Tiffany's spiritual growth. Then the movie derails as the action shifts away from Shepis and focuses on a crazy old guy. Trying to keep up with the story of the old coot and his crazy ways are not what B-movie thrills are made of. Tiffany was interested in his story but I wasn't. The movie keeps jumping back and forth between plot lines but it should have stayed on Tiffany and her days of convent horror.

What would B-movies do without Tiffany Shepis? This movie would be pretty worthless without her presence to save the day. Her B-queen work ethic is strong. She does not rip-off the fans. I rent a movie with her in it and I know I can expect the usual amount of Shepis T&A. I also can expect a healthy level of violence as well with a Shepis flick. She gets the snot kicked out of her in this one as the nuns want to make sure she has no fun at the convent. What a trooper she is.

There is one scene in "Nympha" that almost makes it worth seeing. After Tiffany has been beaten pretty badly, one of the female spirits visits her. This leads to a nice lesbian love scene as Tiffany needed some comfort from her gushing head wounds. Actually, I needed this scene a lot more than Tiffany did as I was getting very bored with the movie.

Overall, "Nympha" is not worth seeing unless you're a die hard Shepis fan. If you want a really good Tiffany Shepis flick, check out "The Hazing". You can let this one go.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Sister Shepis healings


thebonebreaker said...

What would B-movies do without Tiffany Shepis indeed!

Nice Review - I think I will pass on this one :-)


Dr. Gore ( said...

Glad to help. But it's always disappointing when you have to pass up a Tiffany Shepis movie. She has brought us B-movie joy but not every flick can be a winner.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Tiffany Shepis (as the bird was in 1997 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).