Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"The Horseman" review

The Horseman (2008)

Director: Steven Kastrissios
Writer: Steven Kastrissios

Peter Marshall... Christian
Caroline Marohasy... Alice
Brad McMurray... Derek
Jack Henry ... Finn
Evert McQueen ... Jim
Christopher Sommers ... Pauly
Bryan Probets ... Walters
Steve Tandy ... Devlin
Chris Betts ... Hilton
Damon Gibson ... Chuck
Hannah Levien ... Jesse
Robyn Moore ... Irene

"The Horseman" is the story of one man's war against amateur pornography. Christian's daughter has gotten mixed up in drugs and gang bang porn. Her budding film career is cut short when she overdoses after a porn movie shoot. Christian can't stand the idea that his daughter was anything other than the sweet little girl he remembers so he must kill every dirtbag that disparages his memories with the truth. He works his way up the scum ladder, maiming and killing all who oppose his cherished memories of his virginal daughter. Many men will die for exploiting the wrong girl. The Horseman is bringing about a porno apocalypse.

How far will we go to remember people the way we want to? Throughout the movie, Christian keeps fixating on his memories of his daughter as a little girl. This sweet, innocent memory of her childhood is what keeps him alive. When scum try to tarnish his beloved memory, he has no choice but to go on a murderous rampage so his soul can live. Along his path of destruction, he meets a young runaway who briefly calms down his bloodlust. His peaceful moment of humanity is soon taken from him as the pornographers track him down with their own ideas of revenge. More torture and mayhem follow.

"The Horseman" is a pretty good revenge movie. I enjoyed it. I always like seeing unstable men do unspeakable acts in the name of revenge and "The Horseman" certainly delivers. Christian becomes unhinged after watching a porno tape with his daughter in it. He vows to track down anyone associated with the filth and make them pay. Although everyone Christian runs into insists that they're innocent since she willingly came to them, their argument falls on deaf ears as Christian is too busy beating them senseless to listen. But this is what happens when you watch your dead daughter bang her way through "Young City Sluts II". It would drive any father mad.

So if you're looking for a movie where death and mayhem await exploitative pornographers, "The Horseman" is the movie for you. It is a moving film about the lengths a man will go to in order to keep the father/daughter bond healthy even after death. Sometimes you have to kill porn performers, producers and directors to get the cathartic release you need. "The Horseman" is filled with scenes of bloody revenge and it makes for a fine viewing experience.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 horsemen

And I looked, and behold a pale exterminator can: and his name that sprayed it was Death. and Hell followed with him.


jervaise brooke hamster said...

Pornography represents the future, to be in denial about that is the equivalent of being in denial about electricity representing the future 100 years ago!!!.

Kiz said...

oh get a life jervaise........ the future is porn.. WTF ever!

Anonymous said...

Pornography represents the future? Okay... Just go back to slapping your dick around and stay off of the big people websites. Porn has been around for as long as we have in one form or another. Nothing futuristic there.