Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Vampire Seduction" review

Vampire Seduction (1998)

Director: John Bacchus
Writer: John Bacchus

Tina Krause ... Dracoola
Paige Turner ... Dr. Lesbian
Kiki Michaels ... Sexy Business Woman
Dawn Monacco ... Patient
Debbie Rochon ... Waitress Mary
Chelsea Mundae ... Mrs. Seltzer (as Daisy)
Janie ... Patty
Jenna ... Gidget

A vampire tells a loser to go round up some lesbians for her. He runs around town and sees lots of naked women. That's the movie. "Vampire's Seduction" is a simple little film. It really has nothing to do with vampires other than having a topless woman wear a cape. You see, a long cape means she's a vampire. You can't be a lesbian vampire unless you wear the cape. Lesbian vampires have to have some style.
So the loser runs around town and peeps into windows looking for a lesbian treasure trove. Fortunately, every window he looks into has a sex scene about to break out. Each peeping scene looked like it was filmed separately and then stapled together to make a rough facsimile of a movie. Most of the peeping scenes are pretty standard. Nothing to get excited about. I was getting ready to toss this one in the trash but then, near the middle of the movie, there is one particularly hot scene that saves "Vampire's Seduction" from the garbage.

The loser runs up to his latest window and starts spying on a horny slumber party. The girls start making out while in their pajamas and holding stuffed animals. There's something about stuffed animals and girls making out that makes this party extra naughty. This scene also holds the distinction of being the only Chelsea Mundae scene I've enjoyed. She dominates the girls and makes sure there's not a lot of sleeping at the slumber party. Anyway, this scene makes "Vampire's Seduction" worth checking out.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 naughty slumber party action


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't watch it , just watch real horror. LOL

Kester Pelagius said...

As someone who saw this when it originally came out on VHS I have to say you make it sound better than it actually is. Not that I have anything against DTV softcore nonsense. But, like you said, this has nothing to do with vampires. And that's the hook that interested me back then.

Ah, what fool's we mortals be.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

why was the picture of the gorgeous japanese chick censored?, it partially obscures the teddy bears face.

Dr. Gore ( said...

The teddy bear's lawyers were all over me with that picture. They were ready to go to court if I didn't cover her face. They said she took the picture when she was young and needed the work. Apparently it was taken under duress since she was living with an evil Care Bear boyfriend. Pimp Bear I think.