Friday, September 07, 2007

"Bad Reputation" review

Bad Reputation (2005)

Director: Jim Hemphill
Writer: Jim Hemphill

Angelique Hennessy... Michelle
Jerad Anderson... Aaron
Danielle Noble... Wendy
Mark Kunzman... Jake
Kristina Conzen... Heather
Dakota Ferreiro ... Debbie
Chris Basler ... Steve
Jennifer Holloway ... Carol Johnson

I saw “Bad Reputation” over at a friend’s house. It was time for a B-movie party and “Bad Reputation” seemed to fit the bill. So the pizza was ordered, the beer was passed around and all seemed right with the world. Pizza and beer is the backbone of any successful B-movie night and we had all the pieces we needed. I also brought over my GUITAR HERO: ROCK THE 80’s video game in the slight chance that “Bad Reputation” did not deliver the entertainment payoff we were all hoping for. There was much guitar playing this night.

“Bad Reputation” is about a student film masquerading as a horror flick. A blonde girl gets picked on for daring to be attractive around the popular girls. She gets gang raped during a party and the rumors start flying. The rumor is that the movie is going to start now. Sure enough, the blonde starts dressing provocatively and leading fools to their death. She embraces her bad reputation and lets her inner psychotic skank shine. It all leads to the climatic party scene where some vaguely interesting things happen, the movie ends and then we started playing Guitar Hero.

“Bad Reputation” is a low budget exercise in the “rape and revenge” genre. It trudges along from point A to point B exactly as you expect. The problem is that it’s just not entertaining enough to force yourself to trudge along with it. “Bad Reputation” can be skipped. There’s barely any blood and absolutely no nudity. You’d think a gang rape scene would force the rapists to take off her clothes but they didn’t need to since they preferred humping with their blue jeans on. Of course they do. It’s cheaper that way.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Guitar Heroes with bad reputations


Billy N. Aire said...

1.5? Doctor you are too kind...

This film should join my old monitor, the box to my TV, and last night's chicken bones as landfill.

Dr. Gore ( said...


It takes a keen eye to spot the difference between a 1.5 and a Landfill. Since I could watch the whole movie without the urge to rip my eyes out of their sockets, it dodges the dump.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the movie could've have been great had it been done with a different director, better actors a different plot and more money.