Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Naked and Betrayed" review

Naked and Betrayed (2004)

Director: Woquini Adams
Writers: Edward Gorsuch April White

August... Crystal
Robert Baldwin... Detective
Barrett Blade... Cory
Tucker Cain... Jason
Mandy Fisher... Claire
Frank Harper... Michael
Gina Ryder... Stephanie
Julian Wells... Talisa

What’s more shocking than Julian Wells having sex with a man? Julian Wells having sex with the same man twice! What madness is this?! My world has spun out of its orbit and is heading towards the sun. Nothing makes sense anymore. Late night cable is getting too scary to watch.

Well, it’s actually not that scary. I saw that Julian Wells was in another sex flick and it’s my duty, nay, my privilege to watch her do her thing. This time she’s “Naked and Betrayed”. Some guy is going to get married and Julian joins the party at some secluded house. Misty Mundae was nowhere to be found so Julian grabbed some surfer dude to get things rolling. After their first bedroom encounter, they followed that up with some shower action. I was hoping she was going to console the bride to be by showing her some of those Seduction Cinema tricks she’s learned but the bride wasn’t interested. Come to think of it, there wasn’t any lesbian sex in this movie at all. Julian was truly betrayed.

There was some idiotic story playing out in “Naked and Betrayed” but I ignored most of the betrayal so I could concentrate on the naked. Some guy cheated on his wife and people started accusing each other and there was a dead hooker and some other stuff happened that may have been interesting but I doubt it. What is interesting is that Mandy Fisher, (the bride), has a great body. I loved all of her sex scenes and she’ll make her husband very happy. The rest of the sex scenes were fair. “Naked and Betrayed” is a standard late night adventure. You don’t have to search for it but if it’s on and you need a Julian Wells fix, you could do worse.

One last thought, speaking as a Julian Wells sex scene connoisseur, I’ve got to say that her scenes with men are just not doing it for me. I think Mundae has spoiled her. Nothing has topped the gold standard for Julian carnal delight which was the fireplace scene in “Seduction of Misty Mundae”. I highly recommend you find that movie and rejoice in everything Julian has to offer. She’ll be naked and you won’t be betrayed.
SCORE: 2 out of 4 seduction of naked Julians

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